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Bronx, NY

Elevate Your Real Estate Confidence with Insightful Inspections

Premier Home Inspection Services in Bronx, NY

In need of thorough and dependable home inspections in the Bronx, NY? Look no further than Total Inspections, LLC. We offer an extensive array of inspection services tailored to ensure your peace of mind:

Purchasing a property is a milestone decision, and clarity is crucial. Our team of certified inspectors specializes in delivering a detailed analysis of your property. From scrutinizing electrical systems and plumbing to identifying potential pest invasions, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to unveil any concealed issues, safeguarding you from unexpected costs and undue stress.


In addition to our thorough home inspections, we provide top-notch commercial assessments, termite detection, and radon testing. Whatever your property demands, our expert inspectors ensure the most detailed and reliable services in the Bronx, NY.


Transform your property hunt from daunting to empowering. Contact Total Inspections, LLC today to schedule your inspection and make a well-informed decision for your future home in the Bronx.

person looking at small house figurine on desk with magnifying glass

Ensure Your Property’s Integrity

Empower your real estate decisions with Total Inspections, LLC. Experience our straightforward and trustworthy inspection services.