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New York City, NY

Mastering Property Inspections

Leading Home Inspection Services in New York City, NY

Searching for comprehensive and reliable home inspections in New York City, NY? Total Inspections, LLC is your ideal partner. We provide a broad spectrum of inspection services, all designed to guarantee your complete satisfaction:

The journey of buying a property is significant, and absolute transparency is essential. Our certified inspectors are experts in providing an exhaustive evaluation of your property. They meticulously examine every aspect, from electrical and plumbing systems to potential pest issues, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Our aim is to disclose all hidden problems, protecting you from unforeseen expenses and worries.


Alongside our residential inspection expertise, we offer exceptional commercial property assessments, termite detection services, and radon measurements. No matter your property’s specific needs, our skilled inspectors provide the most comprehensive and dependable services in New York City, NY.


Shift from being anxious to assured in your property search. Reach out to Total Inspections, LLC now to arrange your inspection and confidently make your next New York City real estate decision.

person looking at small house figurine on desk with magnifying glass

Secure Your Investment with Expert Inspections

Make informed real estate choices with Total Inspections, LLC. Count on our honest and efficient inspection services.